Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 10: Too Much of a Good Thing

I'm a little late with my weekly post, but that is simply because there are so many things going on. It's a wonderful problem to have, of course, but I am looking forward to dialing back on the weeknight engagements and focusing a bit more time and energy toward training. My weekly training update is as follows:

12.5 miles easy

5 miles tempo
Gym lifting

(went to a talk w/ the VP of Product of Strava, CEO of Wello, and VP Ux of FitBit)

5 miles easy w/ Addison

4 x hill intervals

4 mile hike w/ Camille

15.5 miles tempo
PR'ed my 15 miler at 7:46 pace

So this tops me off at around 47 miles, excluding the 4 or 5 miles I run on the treadmill during lunchtime per week. Unfortunately for my training program, I fell asleep yesterday instead of doing another long run on Sunday, so I'll have to make up those miles throughout the course of this week. I have to say it is rather discouraging to take your one running rest day for the week on Sunday. But overall, I'm feeling great; my ankle is slowly healing from a gnarly fall down a gravel hill in February, hip flexors are going strong, and my new shoes are wearing in well. Couldn't ask for much more!

Monday Run: Berkeley Fire Trail

SF Meetup with VP Product at Strava, CEO of Wello, and VP Ux at FitBit
This week's inspiration: Bruder's "Got Gumption?" Speech
Friday evening hike: Berkeley Fire Trail
Saturday Morning Run: Berkeley Marina, Emeryville, Bay Bridge, Oakland
So there you have it. Despite being pretty busy this past week, I was happy to get in some decent miles. My 15-miler went really well (I surprised myself with that one), but it's one of those things where you finish your run, exhausted, and realize the actual marathon will be over 10 more miles. Just have to keep on keeping on! 

In other news, I'm happy to announce that I have started taking incredibly goofy and somewhat pretentious "progress" pictures to accumulate at the end of each training cycle for my marathons this year. They are a little overly cocky, really hilarious, and totally and completely embarrassing. So naturally, I'm stoked to reveal them in the coming weeks.  

Fingers crossed for continued health and lovely weather!

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