Thursday, April 24, 2014

Week 5: & 6, 7, et al.

In the hub-bub of marathon training, working full time, studying for the GRE, and trying to maintain a social life that allows me to still have friends, I've been a real slacker on writing any of it down. I am technically down to week 5 right now, but would like to recap the last week and half of training:

7:26 pace 18 miler on 4/12: Laps Around Lake Merit, Oakland

Saturday 4/12
18 miles tempo
7:26 pace

Sunday 4/13
7 miles easy

Monday 4/14
5 mile easy

Tuesday 4/15
6 x hill repeats

Wednesday 4/16
6 miles
Run Club

Thursday 4/17
4 miles tempo
(at lunch during work)

Friday 4/18

Saturday 4/19
11.5 miles tempo

Sunday 4/20
11 miles

Run on Monday morning in support of Boston 2014!

Monday 4/21
Marathon Monday!
4 miles with The San Francisco Marathon

Tuesday 4/22
1.5 mile warm up
7 x 800 m intervals

That puts me somewhere around 55 miles for the last week, which is really great, though I consistently wish I wasn't so pressed for time during weeknights. It's easy to get up at 6 AM on a Saturday or Sunday and run for 2 hours without interfering with any plans, but I have yet to master getting up at 4 AM on a weekday to run in the dark and then go to work all day and remain functional.

My good friends, although mildly concerned that I have some sort of running addiction, have been extremely supportive. It is all a balancing act, of course. I may feel like I'm coming off the hinges some days -- primarily because I would rather run until I'm painfully exhausted than meet up with a group of friends for dinner on a weeknight -- but I think chasing a passion is a damn good reason to feel crazy.

And speaking of crazy-ass dreams and big fat goals, this is a public service announcement that my $10 off ambassador code for The San Francisco Marathon is expiring on April 27th. Be sure to use Discount Code: DSC10TSFM2014A38 for $10 off the full marathon, either one of the half marathons, or the 5k race! My first full ever was The SF Marathon and I am so excited to come back guns blazing on July 27th to share this incredible experience with my fellow racers. Join me!
Oh the places TSFM will take you!

Got Boston on my mind this the unicorn!
This weekend I take on my first 20 miler of my training cycle. I'll be working to hit marathon pace throughout and prove to myself that I'm ready for Mountains 2 Beach Marathon in May!

Happy Trails!

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